High Gloss

Arguably  the most popular and best selling kitchen finish on the market today: Once you look into the latest styles and trends, you may find it overwhelming and see just how many styles, colours, you can explore.Continuous  technology  has also been able to create a newer glossier finish which is usually referred to as ultra high gloss.

Here are some pro’s and con’s on high gloss kitchens:

  • High gloss kitchens look modern and chic.
  • Selecting the popular neutral colours mean that the room can be remodelled in several years, incorporating or adding a new colour scheme without changing the fitted kitchen itself.
  • The  cabinets  are smooth and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • High gloss kitchens usually suit for all budgets but the glossier the finish the more expensive the kitchen.
  • High gloss in a kitchen, will show marks visibly, and every crumb and fingerprint is easily seen. You may spend your valuable kitchen time removing and cleaning all the marks.
  • The decision to use high gloss can only be made by you as an individual or as a family. Please consider how the kitchen will be used and your family needs or requirements. Having young children or pets can make up keeping a common task.


Melamine is the most common,colour fast, heat, water and scratch resistant, and will take on construction properties of the board it is pressed onto. Melamine forms the backbone of the entire kitchen industry in carcass construction (white & melamine), doors, panels, kick plates, light shields, fillers etc. Melamine always get edged to cover exposed particle board. Edging comes in same colour as the exposed(visible) colours of your kitchen. Edging also get stuck on with heavy duty edging machines.

Here are some pro’s and con’s about melamine:

  • Melamine gives you a wood look alike finish, and is an affordable and good quality product.
  • Melamine is very durable and will last for years.
  • Melamine has a textured board range,which have a very smooth finish , as well as an alpine board range, these actually press small grain like grooves in the board. The textured board range can scratch easily, but the alpine boards do not scratch as easily.
  • Melamine has to be cut and edged with professional tools and equipment, otherwise you may find “chipping” that may occur.
  • Melamine is not to be soaked in water, however, everyday cleaning can do no harm to the product.

Natural Solid Wood

Solid wood is becoming more precious by the day, as it is a natural product that gets used faster than it grows. It’s the strongest and lifetime guarantees are feasible on it.. There are several wood finishes available, for instance,Teak,Saligna,Pine, Beech, Oak and Maple. The finished product is something classy and certainly worth the extra expense.

Pro’s and con’s of Solid Wood:

  • Solid wood is very expensive and exclusive.
  • Provides a  superior quality finish with a natural woodgrain tone and feel.
  • Applying of wood oils over time is essential.
  • The timber matures when exposed to direct and indirect sunlight – Colours darken with age.
  • As it is a natural product there will be grain and colour variation from sheet to sheet.