Affordable Kitchens

Things to consider when  planning for a kitchen with a tight budget:

  • Doors – The material used for doors can differ, and so do their prices. A melamine door is more durable and economical option, and has a vast colour range, as well as a proven track record for its superior quality.
  • Cupboard sizes have a big impact. The more cupboards and divisions the more it can use up your budget, for instance multiple small units work out more costly than fewer larger units.
  • Cupboard height of your wall and grocery units affects cost. More material , more fittings increase the cost.
  • Hardware in terms of runners and hinges can make a big difference, such as ball bearing runners are less expensive than dynamic soft close or tipmatic runners. The quantity of hinges will affect the price as well, for instance, 2 x 900 units will have 4 doors, which will equal to 8 hinges, whereas a 1200 and a 600 unit will utilise the same amount of space but only have 3 doors, thus 6 hinges making it more affordable.
  • There is always the timeless option of choosing white, it will never go out of fashion and choosing white in most materials is always more affordable. White also has the added advantage of making your kitchen appear bigger.
  • Postform tops can be recommended as an affordable option . Granite is a very heavy product, and therefore a large portion of the cost is taken up, local granites are always more affordable such as Black or Brown Rose.

Cooks Kitchens

Are you a true cook? Are you eager to create a true culinary experience in the comfort of your home? We can expand your ideas into a reality. Make your cooking time an efficient and comfortable experience 

The following can add to make your kitchen a cook friendly place, for instance:

  • Spice racks can be a lovely addition to your kitchen to keep your spices neat, tidy and easily accessible when cooking.
  • There are exquisite ranges of appliances such as stoves that include fantastic extra options such as grillers,pizza stone, rotisserie kits and other functions that will turn your cooking time into an exciting  experience.
  • A mobile table is a wonderful accessory to add to a kitchen which looks great and comes in quite handy allowing you to hang your most used utensils, paper towels, recipe books, chopping boards and more.


Family Kitchens

Here are some tips you could consider when planning or designing a family or child friendly kitchen:

  • If budget and space allow, then its ideal to have  your appliances at eye level so that your little ones are out of reach of these appliances, that are the most common cause of scalds and burns.
  • Height of a countertop can also be a factor, especially in that high counter tops with tall stools could possibly cause your child to fall and be injure. Perhaps consider lowering a portion of your counter top to allow for reach for children. Countertops should also be wide enough so that you can stand side by side.
  • Surface of countertop, it is advisable to use a non-porous surface like quartz which will not stain as easily and won’t show wear and tear visibly.
  • High gloss doors or surfaces can reflect finger marks more visibly.
  • Choose handles that are not sharp or open ended which may cause injury.
  • Microwaves are best to place on a counter top, instead of a microwave box that you would need to reach out and remove hot plates.


Large Kitchens 

If you have a large kitchen then you are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to getting creative, with design elements that will make your kitchen appear attractive.There are many elements you can add to make your kitchen a cook friendly place, for instance:

  • Kitchen Islands: A large kitchen island might be ideal for additional storage, seating and food preparation all in one space. Once you have determined how you will be using your large kitchen island, you can begin to choose the design elements that are important to the function of your kitchen. If you are looking to add more room for dining, then be sure to select a kitchen island that allows for stools, and adequate leg room.  An island featured kitchen can also accommodate an additional sink or gas cook top.


Small Kitchens

A tight small room can still work quite well with the right cabinet options. A small kitchen that is well designed, will have less clutter and maximum efficiency.

Here are some tips to take into consideration when designing a small kitchen:

  • Storage & Organisation: There are ways of utilising space better in kitchen cupboards to minimise wasted space by building all the way to the ceiling, and use every inch of available vertical space.
  • Lighting and lighting colours: A small kitchen with adequate lighting will allow the kitchen to appear bigger, and will place emphasis on focal points in the kitchen. A kitchen with bad lighting will contract the light in the kitchen and make the area appear smaller.
  • Appliance selection & location: Another idea for small kitchen cupboards is to combine appliances, storage and cupboard space. For an example, it is best to use a washing machine/ tumble dryer combination, rather than having two separate appliances, and the same would apply to a fridge/freezer.An oven can also be best used in a small kitchen in an under counter position, as opposed to an eye level position.

Two Tone Kitchens

  • Two-Tone is when kitchens have two or more colours paired together on the kitchen cupboard doors. In some designs you will find that if the kitchen has an island, the doors on the cupboard units of the island will be a different colour to the rest of the kitchen or drawers differing from your normal doors.
  • In other designs, you may see the doors of the floor units a different or contrasting colour to that of the doors on the wall units. Contrasting colours can also be added as accents to add character and uniqueness to a kitchen. The goal with two toned kitchens is to add an interesting colour palette to the kitchen.
  • Two-tone kitchens have been very trendy in the last few years. As the size of an average kitchen is slowly increasing, it is natural for more colours to be added to the kitchen. Larger kitchens with islands are perfect fits for two-tone kitchen cupboards, the size of the room allows for more visual appearance. Colours in the kitchen can be used in unique and various ways using the floors, countertops, backsplashes, and walls.